3D Content Services


The technology is not limited to one kind of 3D content. Therefore many kinds of 3D or even 4D content (3D over time) can be used.

Personal Space Technologies can assist you from the actual scanning to the post processing to ensure the best possible digital representation of the object.  We also offer trainings for museums to acquire the skills to continuously enhance the digital collection.



Examples of content are:

  • 3D scans from artifacts. These can be created using a wide variety of scanning technologies
  • 3D medical images: A typical example is for instance an MRI of a patient or ... of a mummy
  • 3D models: the art mirager can use 3D models and worlds created by artists using a wide variety of applications
  • 3D data from scientific equipment: From the galaxy to the inside of an oilwell or dive inside the nucleous of a single cell. Any kind of 3D can be used.



 *scan made by our partner organization Intricad.com